Advantages of Being Represented by a Property Damage Lawyer

If you’ve suffered property damage, either as the result of a natural, unavoidable event, such as extreme weather conditions or a fire, or as the result of deliberate vandalism, you know that, many times, the biggest battle isn’t in dealing with the initial clean-up or repair, or in finding replacements for damaged items; it’s getting your insurance company to comply.

Insurance companies often require clients to jump through hoops to make a claim that the client thought they were entitled to, based on their insurance policy. These situations are frustrating, confusing, and they add an unwelcome extra layer of stress to what is already a difficult situation.

This is why it may be worth your while to have a property damage lawyer handle the case, rather than trying to fight it on your own. Here are just a few of the advantages of being represented by a property damage lawyer.

They Have the Resources

Taking on an insurance company is no easy task. Most insurance companies are large organizations that have enough money to hire great lawyers, and to potentially intimidate you out of the process before you even get very far into it. That’s one of the advantages of being represented by a property damage lawyer—they are better equipped than you are to take on a large entity like an insurance company. A property damage lawyer has the resources to take the case to court, if need be, and they have the time to pour over contracts to ensure you are being treated fairly and within the law.

They Have the Knowledge

Let’s face it: a major part of the reason why insurance companies manage to take advantage of so many people, and a major part of the reason those people often fail in their attempts to fight back is because the insurance business is difficult to understand. Even if you do read the fine print on your insurance policy, it can be difficult to fully understand every last detail of your coverage without a working knowledge of contract law. Fortunately, your property damage lawyer will be well-versed in that exact field, enabling them to fully understand your situation and to fight on your behalf. Instead of becoming frustrated in attempts to understand the laws governing your insurance policy, it’s best to leave it to an expert.

They Speak the Language

Part of the reason why insurance policies can be tricky to understand, and why contract law is its own large field, is because the language that is used in contracts, policies, and other legally binding documents is so far removed from standard English that it might as well be a language all on its own. One of the biggest advantages of being represented by a property damage lawyer is that they are fluent in insurance jargon and can interpret every aspect of the situation for you.

They Hold More Power Than You Do on Your Own

Let’s face it: insurance companies simply aren’t intimidated by you. Often, they won’t take you seriously when you threaten to hold them accountable for covering property damage because they know there isn’t much you can do. They are a huge, powerful entity, and you are a solitary individual.

However, a lawyer does hold a lot of power, and your insurance company will be well aware of that during a dispute over property damage coverage. They know that your lawyer—especially if your lawyer is backed by a large firm—has the knowledge to hold them accountable and the power of their firm behind them to take the fight all the way. Essentially, the insurance company knows that a lawyer has the power to inflict consequences in instances of malpractice.

They’ll Do the Dirty Work

Arguing with an insurance company over a disputed claim is no fun. It’s difficult, confusing, frustrating, and it takes up a lot of your time. Good news: that’s part of the job of a property damage lawyer. Your property damage lawyer will do all of the dirty work of coming to a resolution on your property damage claim—that’s what you pay them for. The result will be a faster resolution with less of your own energy expended.

When you experience property damage and feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your insurance company, don’t feel like you have to fight on your own. There are so many advantages of being represented by a property damage lawyer that it is definitely an option worth seriously considering.

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