How to Hire a Lawyer for Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual harassment at workplaces occurs more often than what may seem believable. But it’s the reality of today’s world.

If you are a victim of sexual harassment then it is imperative that you hire a lawyer without delay. But before you hire anyone without due research, it is important to consider several factors such as their experience, expertise, availability, and personality. The process can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be so. Here’s how you can find a lawyer for sexual harassment cases.

Search for Law Firms Online

Of course, you can ask for referrals for lawyers’ names. But it is still important to conduct your own research about those lawyers. It is also important to perform an online search for finding sexual harassment lawyers in your city or town.

Use keywords such as sexual harassment attorney Los Angeles (your search requirements with the location’s name). Such keywords will yield names of local law firms that practice in the area of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Make a list of the names of the first few search results. Add to the list any names you may have gotten via referrals.

Read Lawyers’ Profiles

Now, visit the websites of law firms on your list to get to know the lawyers a bit better. Read the profiles of lawyers, which will mention their qualification, experience, and practice areas. Not every lawyer in a law firm will practice in the area of sexual harassment.

Read about their case profiles mentioned on the website (if any). Many lawyers also mention about the claims they have won so far for various clients (in numbers).

Check if they are members of any professional organizations or if they have won special awards given to them by their peers or other organizations. Knowing about such details will give you a glimpse about the personality of the lawyers.

Consider Overall Experience

Note down their experience in terms of the years. Also, check their experience in handling sexual harassment cases in your local area. Since laws pertaining to sexual harassment can differ from location to another, it is crucial to know if they have successfully handled such cases in your city or town.

Consider the lawyer’s overall experience in handling sexual harassment cases. Along with it, also check the lawyer’s overall experience in other areas of employment law and other practice areas. Total work experience in different areas will only enhance a lawyer’s negotiation skills. So, it is best to look into this aspect properly.

Check Availability and Case Merit

Reputed lawyers are always busy with new cases. So, it is important to check the availability of lawyers that you have shortlisted so far.

The best way to do so is to schedule a consulting session with the law firms. Professional law firms offer consulting sessions for prospective clients, which are free. Such sessions help the victims to get to know the lawyers in person, discuss their case, and check their availability to accept their case.

Such sessions also help the lawyers to gauge the merit of new cases. They can let you know if you actually have a case or not.

Oftentimes; victims are unsure if an indirect case of sexual harassment is viable for a lawsuit or not. For example, instances of name-calling or sexual shaming are also victimizing tactics in the workplace. In another instance, you may not know if you can sue your superior or employer; or even both. Depending on your location, you may be only able to sue your employer and not your supervisor/s. So, scheduling consulting sessions can help you get more clarity on your situation as well as know more about the merit and availability of the case.

Analyze your Research 

Now, review your findings. Choose a lawyer with extensive experience in handling sexual harassment cases. But also look at other aspects such as the lawyer’s personality, availability, and expertise.

You should feel comfortable with the lawyer’s approach of handling cases. Perhaps you want a lawyer with a friendly demeanor but still aggressive in dealing with the party at fault. So, the personality of the lawyer matters when selecting one. Once you are satisfied on all counts, go ahead and hire the lawyer without delay.

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