Seven Signs You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

As per review, the average duration of a marriage in the US ends is eight years, which makes it explicable that the vast majority of marital breakups happen after having children. Regardless of you get through a divorce including child custody via meditative session, collaborative agreement or courtroom decision, alike many others, you might come across continuing troubles relating to infringement of child custody agreement, refutation of providing child support, specific changes that occur in future course and more.

To address such circumstances, you have no other options but to hire lawyers for custody battles to give your justice and shelter the child. However, how to understand that its time that you should appoint the legal practitioner for your help? Following are 7 signs that alert you go ahead.

Seven Signs You Need Lawyers for Custody Battles

Any Complication

Occurrence of complication is a very common issue with child custody and its arrangements after a divorce. Simply put, delay in sending custody support (financial backup for the keeping, education, health of the child, decided by the court) or denial is a very common experience. Equally, you may guess that your ex is behind his personal custody lawyer to prove you unfit for parenting or custody.

Ex Leaves the State

You or your ex may leave the state or even the country for occupational change or any other reason, which calls for hiring lawyers for custody battles for necessary alteration of custody agreement with the court’s intervention. The situation may require following the custody law regulating interstate or incorporate international aspects due to becoming an inter-jurisdictional custody case.

Ex Tries to Avoid You from Visitation Right

Unless you are proved unfit for visitation to your beloved kid, your ex just cannot stop you from seeing the child on scheduled dates. Attempting to limit you from contacting with children by deliberated cancelling or postponing the date frequently, or even denying visits, benchmarking parenting time are widespread occurrences, whereas lawyers for custody battles can represent your case in the court, punish your ex, and protect your right.

Ex Get Remarried

Another survey report shows that quite a good number of couples get remarried after 3-4 years of their first divorce in the US. So, there are chances that you or your ex thinks of remarrying. Remarrying can bring lots of modification including withdrawal of custody right, and this should be settled with support of lawyers for custody battles before the court.

Guess Your Child is at Stake

This is the most sever and delicate issue with a child custody. At any given time, if you suspect that your child’s is at issue, never delay even a second to consult lawyers for custody battles. They will instantly take assistance of law enforcement apart from filing needed lawsuit, get your ex and punish by the law. Some of the common issues include physical child abuse and violence. You must be aware that child abuse is equivalent to criminal offence, and law is there to protect your child and dismiss custody plus visitation right of your ex.

Significant Change of Circumstances

Change of circumstances is very natural, which may require further reconciliation of prevailing custody arrangement. This may happen at any part and majorly links to relocation, remarriage, financial distress due to job loss, or health loss, infectious disease and more. The insightful lawyers for custody battles evaluate the type of change which may further need amendment of custody agreement.

You Get Notice for Custody Hearing

You ex may play tricky games by hiring his custody lawyer and file a case asking for modification of earlier child custody agreement putting false change about your inability, rough behavior, professional pressure stopping you to take care of your child etc. Be wise to understand that a sudden notice is an indication that you will be interrogated at the courtroom by opponent lawyer. You simply cannot handle the issue and even may lose your parental right. For you, the best choice is immediate hiring of lawyer for custody battles to take up the case as your legal representative.

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